TV Review: “Veep” Season 6 – Outrageous, Offensive, Hilarious

Written by Sydney O'Keefe May 14, 2017


Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has been a senator, the Vice President, and the President. She has also lost the presidential election, and been denied a supreme court seat. The sixth season of HBO’s Veep is ridiculous in its hilarity. President Meyer is an inspiration to women everywhere. But one of the worst role models I have ever seen. She is insensitive, crass and completely selfish. These reasons are probably why she managed to become President, even if it was only for one year.


Veep centers around the political career and life of Selina Meyer. The first season begins with her role as the first female Vice President of the United States. Meyer struggles with her job as she is essentially ornamental and rather useless. The show progresses to her year of being President; her attempt to run for President ends in a spectacular disaster. Her team can at best be described as a range of hyper ambitious, savvy, and blubbering idiots. The day to day relations of Meyer and her team illustrated the struggle for a woman occupying (or attempting to occupy) the highest office in the land. However, they also manage to have their audience in stitches as they navigate politics, becoming a meme, and the idiots they work with.

“If men could get pregnant you could get an abortion at an ATM.”

The writing in Veep is phenomenal. The wit and hilarity sewn into every quip is pure genius. It’s the show you watch more than once to see what you missed the first time. The jokes are delivered at light speed and are often hilariously insensitive or rude. The show’s protagonist is also the villain. The audience is hard pressed to find anything remotely likeable about her. But somehow she is likeable. I’m not sure if it’s her completely blind ambition in the face of misogynistic Washington, but there’s something admirable about how completely deplorable she is. With no moral character Meyer manages to be break into the good old boys club. In fact Selina is a bottom feeder, using back door politics with the sole intention of winning. Selina struggles to overcome bias against female politicians but the audience can see that she’s just as underhanded, selfish, and ambitious as her male peers. And while this aspect of the show makes it completely hilarious it also show cases a feminist perspective. Women can do anything men can do, including being sneaky and successful politicians.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus, known for her role in Seinfeld as Elaine, stars as Selina Meyer. Louis-Dreyfus has proven once again the genius of her delivery. She hits her mark every time and manages to play Meyer similar to how she played Elaine. She gives us this amazing anti-heroine who has no redeeming qualities but is somehow completely likeable. She charms us with how despicable she is. She is out for herself and she knows it. Louis-Dreyfus delivery is what makes this show so amazing. Yes, the script is funny but without her it would not have the same fast paced hilarity that keeps the audience enraptured.

“I need that stuff that junkies use, ya know, when it takes a cop like fifteen bullets to put him down.”

The crass nature of every character in Veep is jarring but adds to its hilarity. While we can’t imagine the men and women governing the United States saying these absurd and completely offensive things, there is a shocking amount of reality with the overwhelming absurdity.  This is democracy. This is what people are like. This is what politicians could be like. There are striking similarities between Meyer and Hilary Clinton: both deal with similar issues due to their womanhood; both have unfaithful spouses; and both have one daughter. HBO’s Veep is almost a satire of Hilary’s life. Meyer is her ridiculous counterpart, crass instead of composed, offensive instead of inspiring. But still entertaining to watch.

My Rating: 8.5/10



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