TV Review: “You’re The Worst” – Romance for Awful People

Written by Emily Stewart August 10, 2014

Chris Geere (Jimmy) and Aya Cash (Gretchen in "You're the Worst"

“You’re The Worst” features those two awful people that happen to be great matches for each other. Writer Jimmy (Chris Geere) and publicist Gretchen (Aya Cash) are so vile, it’s entertaining to watch. Watching them, and their interactions with each other and colleagues, justifies the title.  Don’t expect a typical romantic comedy when watching this show. In the few episodes of “You’re The Worst”, neither character has shown genuine romantic gestures. Along with hilariously terrible personalities, there’s punchy and witty dialogue. “You’re The Worst” is on of the most refreshing takes on romantic comedy.

“I set my school on fire to get out of a math test.”

This is just one line of many uttered by Gretchen. When it comes to awful things she’s done in the past, there’s more where that came from. Jimmy’s slate isn’t exactly clean either. Just ask his roommate, Edgar (Desmin Borges). Jimmy wore his military uniform to a diner, for a military discount. So how did these two, ahem, “lovely” people meet? The both attended the wedding of Jimmy’s ex, Becca (Janet Varney). Becca happens to be Gretchen’s best friend’s, Lindsay (Kether Donahue), sister. While I believe people should date whoever they want, getting it on with the bride’s ex the night of her wedding is pretty low. That said, I wonder why she invited him in the first place, because they’re pretty awful to each other.

Chris Geere (Jimmy) and Aya Cash (Gretchen in "You're the Worst"

Hold on, why do they look so happy?

Actually, neither star character seems to have a good relationship with any character on “You’re the Worst”. Gretchen and Lindsay certainly don’t act like best friends. Jimmy left  twelve year old Killian (Shane Francis Smith) in a bookstore, forgetting about him completely. Jimmy and Gretchen are the only two characters suited for each other just because they’re both so awful; though, they do warm up slightly as the narrative unravels. Emphasis on slightly. Jimmy admits to Gretchen that he bases his interactions with other people on his own needs, but not before telling her she has a dreadful apartment. All of their chemistry is from humorous interactions like these.

“It must be so hard being the only one who sees people for who they really are.”

The punchy dialogue complements these two characters with terrible personalities. There’s no delay or holding back in what they have to say. The material’s offensive, but that’s the exact point of “You’re The Worst”. The blunt pair says the exact words no one wants to hear. Sometimes, the victim in the situation is either Gretchen or Jimmy. Whether it’s crashing her birthday drinks or taking her out on a date because she has her, well, time of the month, Jimmy does something to irritate Gretchen in every episode. Naturally, she confronts him and they get into an argument. Both characters know they are very flawed, yet they continue their friends-with-benefits. Just think of this as the anti-romantic comedy, if you will.

Chris Geere (Jimmy) and Aya Cash (Gretchen in "You're the Worst"

“You’re The Worst” has well developed characters to match the title. My one complaint about the show is the emphasis on the title being stitched into the dialogue. In the first three episodes, it was like they had to say something, or someone, was “the worst” to bring the show back into full circle at least once per episode. Once per season is enough guys, trust me. It’s still an enjoyable show, with that said.  If you’re sick of lovey-dovey couples in romances and rom-coms, be sure to check out “You’re The Worst”. The characters can be so unlikable, you might warm up to them.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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