TV to Watch Out For in 2014

Written by Ana de Souza December 30, 2013

Black Sails

Everyone´s gearing up for the arrival of the new year and the onslaught of exciting films that come with it. Much as I firmly stake my claim as a diehard cinephile, I have to admit that I´m almost equally, if not more so, excited for the tremendous content making its way onto the small screen in 2014. For all those mourning the end of “Breaking Bad” and shaking their heads at the disappointing directions certain shows have taken (not to point any fingers, but I´m looking at you, “True Blood”), let´s not forget that we are still living through a golden age of television. Below is the just the tip of the iceberg of shows to watch out for in 2014, both new and old.



Whether you´re pro or anti Lena Dunham, one thing is undeniable: she´s got some serious moxie. Defying stereotypes while reinstating them, confounding feminists and misogynists alike, “Girls” has courted controversy in numerous episodes and promises to continue to do so in 2014. Jessa (Jemima Kirke), the eternal bohemian, makes a comeback and will doubtlessly fail to explain her mysterious disappearance. Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Adam (Adam Driver) fell into each other’s´ arms in the uncharacteristic season two finale and now the abundance of issues they´ve had will likely return with a vengeance. And most conspicuous of all will be Charlie (Christopher Abbott)’s disappearance from the show after his very public departure from the program. What remains to be seen is how excruciating this sudden break-up will be on the ever high-maintenance Marnie (Allison Williams).

“Crossbones” and “Black Sails”


Now that pirate mania has finally faded from the big screen, swashbuckling adventures are making their way to the small screen. We can expect two high profile pirate shows in 2014, both of which promise to deliver some intense performances, glossy production values, and thrilling high-seas action. “Black Sails”, a Michael-Bay produced prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson´s classic Treasure Island, has already shot its entire 8-episode first season with a host of new faces and a premiere date set for January on Starz. Meanwhile, “Crossbones” (created by Neil Cross of “Luther” fame) is a fictionalization of Blackbeard´s life, with John Malkovich in the lead role. Both series promise to fill the hole left by Jack Sparrow´s prolonged absence and hopefully instill some fresh blood into the pirate genre

“How I Met Your Mother”


All criticisms of the show’s declining quality aside, “How I Met Your Mother” promises an exciting and potentially surprising finale to end its mysteries once and for all. If nothing else, the show´s creativity in situating its whole final season in one wedding weekend has to be noted and applauded as potentially the most drawn out ending to a series in television history.


Sherlock _crédito_ BBC (1)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for this shocking third season opener for what feels like ten years, not two. Now the new season promises to unveil the truth behind Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) apparent suicide and revival, which clearly provided such a conundrum for the writers to concoct and explain that the season’s planned shooting and airing had to be postponed. Can Watson (Martin Freeman) ever forgive Sherlock after the ordeal he put him through? What fresh terrors will haunt the bromance in the new episodes now that Moriarty (Andrew Scott) is dead (supposedly)? And most importantly, can we ever take Freeman or Cumberbatch seriously again after seeing them as a hairy halfling (“The Hobbit”) and a bumbling southern boy (“August: Osage County”) respectively?

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