What’s Next For “White Collar”?

Written by Hana Elniwairi February 07, 2012

“Con is a rush, an addiction; you need to hit rockbottom before you can stop.”

As White Collar resumes with its winter season, I thought it appropriate to delve into the show and contemplate what’s to come. White Collar tells the story of a con-man who is given a chance at a new life outside of prison, working as a criminal consultant for the FBI’s white collar division. Throughout the show, we see Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), the FBI agent, trying to deal with Neal (Matt Bomer) and his less-than-lawful tendencies when it comes to solving cases.

What’s Next for Neal Caffrey?

At the winter premiere, Neal discovers that he may have a chance at freedom and a normal life; no tracking anklet, no Peter watching him like a hawk. And here I question Neal’s capability of leading that life. I hope the rest of this season, and possibly some of next season, take into consideration the fact that even with the anklet, Neal has struggled to stay within the law. He’s always looking for ways around it, especially when it’s taken off for a case. While Neal has displayed his inner good nature, can he really leave behind the life of a con-man? It’s especially hard to believe, when you remember that even with the anklet, Neal got his hands on a U-boat-sized historic art treasure. I was rather surprised when he gave up the treasure to save Peter and his wife from Michael Kellar, his crazed blue-collar counterpart. So with a track record like Neal’s, can he handle freedom?

What’s Next for Peter Burke?

It’s only natural to go from Neal to Peter, especially considering how much power lies in the latter’s hands. Peter is the only one within the FBI who knows that Neal actually did steal and hide that U-boat treasure, and he knows exposing that could strip Neal of his potential freedom, sending him back to jail. While it’s unlikely that Peter will condemn Neal to that life, he has more than enough reason to do so. Neal keeps promising reformation, and slipping back to his old habits. I think the way the writers handle Peter and his decisions will make a huge impact. So far, DeKay has been excellent in his role, so I plan on enjoying the ride.

What’s Next for Sara Ellis?

Perhaps a forgotten player lately, Sara, in my opinion, is still relevant. First off, let me express how much I love Hilarie Burton in this role. I was never a fan of her role as Peyton on “One Tree Hill”, and “White Collar” gave me an entirely new prespective on Hilarie. While she is still scheduled to appear on the rest of season 3, I’m wondering if, and hoping, that she will still be around in season 4. Sara and Neal’s relationship is entertaining and complex; who wouldn’t enjoy a storyline between an Insurance Investigator and the con-man who stole her client’s Raphael painting? The chemistry between Hilarie and Matt is just so intriguing, and I sincerely hope we see a lot more of Sara going forward.

So, What’s Next For “White Collar”?

I am very excited for the rest of this season and what’s to come. I want to see how Mozzie (Willie Garson) will deal with Neal’s possible freedom; I would love to see Matthew Kellar (Ross McCall) back, as he makes a great adversary for Neal. But whatever happens, “White Collar” has got my attention so far, I sincerely hope they manage to hold on to it until the end.

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